Budapest is obviously the most well-know Hungarian city, but there is far more to discover in this fascinating land of traditions and folk music.

More than just Budapest or natural baths

Budapest is one of the most beloved cities in Europe by young and old alike. Walk past the most impressive buildings in the historic centre, hop aboard a cruise on the Danube, visit the largest synagogue in Europe or relax in one of the many baths and hot springs. Plenty of choice in Budapest to experience an unforgettable city trip or city break.

And yet, Hungary is more than just Budapest. Lake Balaton,for instance, or the wine region of Etyek, the National Parks Hortobágy and Bükk. While there immerse yourself in Hungarian traditions and folklore. Family, hospitality and folk music are extremely important to Hungarians.



Budapest has a rich past, but is vibrant and contemporary. Main crowd-pullers are its architecture, sparkling nightlife and hot springs. Relax, you are in Budapest.


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