Iceland, the wonders of nature. You don't get any closer to the origins of the Earth.

After just a 3-hour flight you find yourself in another world. Travelling to Iceland is unforgettable. You discover its rough life, the wealth of its hot springs, spouting geysers and who knows, you may even spot northern lights. Iceland is raw-and-rum, a must for the nature lover. You'll hardly be able to take it all in.

Nature is one thing, hip Reykjavik another. Here you can eat delicious food, hop on a boat to go whale watching or soak up some local colour. Iceland has grown into the place to be in recent years and rightly so. Iceland is refreshingly different and guarantees an adventurous trip, where nature will amaze you day after day.


Reykjavik is cool and hip. Small yet brave. Compared to other capitals it is a village, with no lack of creativity mind you, nor good food or activities!


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