If you want to discover traditional Japan, you should visit Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese culture. Here you are bound to fall from one surprise into the next.

Imperial capital brimming with famous landmarks

Kyoto is the former "Imperial Capital" of Japan and it shows. The city reflects authentic Japanese culture. From sacred temples to stunningly landscaped Japanese gardens. The Fushimi Inari-Taisha is an absolute must-see. It is a world-famous temple with roughly 1000 torii or red wooden gateways listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Drinking tea in Gion, where you may meet geisha or geiko, is also a not-to-miss. Daydream at the golden Kinkaku-ji temple, winter or summer. And then we haven't even started to mention all the other worthwhile spots, temples or parks. In short, Kyoto is an at least once in a lifetime top destination.

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