The diverse landscape of Kazakhstan is bound to strike you. From snowy mountains to clear blue lakes. This country is ideal for the active, adventurous traveller.

Multicultural population and hospitality

A country between Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan became known worldwide thanks to its comic character, Borat. And if there was one thing that was truthful about this film, it would be the sentence 'Kazakhstan is very nice!'.

Because with breath-taking places such as Charyn Canyon and the Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes, it is a fabulous country to say the least. Cities like Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Şimkent are also worth visiting and the multicultural population is so welcoming and living in such harmony that it sets an example for the rest of the world.


Ready for opulence, kitsch and glamour? In Kazakhstan, the capital Nur-Sultan is the place to be.


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