The flower island of the Caribbean is still pristine. Here you can enjoy rainforests, banana fields, sprawling sandy beaches and .... flowers. This island has everything for a sun-filled holiday.

Martinique, the Caribbean flower island tailored to the connoisseur.

Martinique? That is enchanting flora and fauna. From the pristine tropical rainforest to the majestic volcano Montagne Pelée and everything in-between. On this island you experience the Caribbean vibe with a Mediterranean touch.

Wander about the fish and vegetable market in the capital Fort-de-France, munch tasty bananas, the most important export product, and relmax deeply. Be sure to visit Fort Saint-Louis and delve deeper into the island's history.

“Martinique is ideal for a wonderfully romantic honeymoon, but the 'regular' traveller will undoubtedly enjoy the tropical island vibe here as well.”


Fort-de-France is the capital of the isle of Martinique, a fun and lively place and arguably the most beautiful in the Caribbean.


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