New Zealand

New Zealand

Impressive national parks, islands and glaciers. That's New Zealand in a nutshell. Even frequent travellers and globetrotters will be able to feast their eyes here.

Spot whales and killer whales

Large and relentless New Zealand is the ultimate destination for nature buffs and backpackers alike. The recurring sensation travellers cite, is that this destination feels more relaxed and less intense than Australia. Sleep in a camper, hike to the most beautiful places and be amazed by the diverse landscapes along the way.

Besides impressive nature settings, the local population also score high on likeability. The Kiwis, as New Zealanders are called, speak with a distinct accent and are always up for a joke. One of the many highlights is most likely whale and killer whale spotting in Kaikoura, Hauraki or Bay of Islands. Simply magical.

Popular destinations in New Zealand

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