North America

North America

North America that's more than 24 million square feet of adventure. The United States and Canada are the favourite travel destinations of millions of globe trotters.

Breath-taking nature scenes and cities that rival it.

The United States and Canada are the two major countries North America is made up of. Each worth a lengthy exploration by themselves. From fashionable and cosmopolitan New York, to impressive canyons, beautiful crystal clear lakes and everything in between: this continent has it all. One trip can therefore never suffice. What you discover is one piece of a magnificent puzzle, one fraction of its magnificence.

What's the true North America? You decide. Surrender to Los Angeles, meander through the forests of Vancouver or visit finger-licking Quebec or Chicago. Here you get to pick what thoroughly makes your heart rejoice and the adventures you wish to combine. Options are limitless, the climate different and no two trips are alike.

At Connections you will find a plethora of air fares to and road trips in both the US and Canada, easily tailor-made. This way you can book the trip that both exceeds your imagination and expectation. Intensity and stunning encounters are guaranteed.

“My preferred country? I can't say, both countries have their own charms and they both top my bucket list.“

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Over 100 travel experts all over Belgium are eager to assist you

Year after year Connections sends its travel experts to all corners of the world in order to be able to advise you even better when mapping out your trip. Peru, Thailand, New York, South Africa ... no destination is too foreign or far. Find out who they are here and feel free to contact them!

Why choose Connections?

Because we are travellers, just like you. Always looking for exciting experiences, fascinating encounters and new horizons. Because we are 100% Belgian and can assist you in your own language. Because we make it our personal mission to lift your travels beyond your wildest imagination. Because life is more intense when you travel, really travel!

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Do not expect conformity from us. We are always looking for those extra ingredients that make your trip truly special. We swear by intense experiences.

Over 100 travel experts around the country

Meet the Connections crew in our travel shops located all over Belgium. All of these experts are looking forward to meeting you and welcome you with open arms.

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We've been paving our way for a while. Travelling with Connections means choosing 'peace of mind'. Everything perfectly arranged, excellent service, certainty and reliability.

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We're here whenever you need us! Available via our website, our travel shops, our customer service center, at the airport and via our mobile travel agents.

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