The white city of Muscat, the Wahabi Sands desert and the bright blue waters in Wadi Shab. These are just a few of the myriad of highlights in Oman.

Incredible oases and monuments

Oman is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination, which is not surprising given the many highlights of the country. The capital Muscat, also known as the 'white city', is brimming with impressive monuments. From the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos to the Royal Opera House.

This city reflects the wealth of the sultan. Plan an excursions to various wadis, oases of bright blue water amid dry rocks. And venture out into the desert just to spend the night under the clear starry sky. The infinity of the sand dunes is beyond mind-boggling.


Muscat is a melting pot of traditional and modern influences. Yet the capital of Oman remained truly authentic and oozes with charm.


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