Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

From endless desert plains to illustrious palaces of Arab sheiks. The homeland of Islam has true pearls. Discover the splendour of Saudi Arabia.

Sacred sites and archaeological finds

The land where Islam and Arab culture originated is full of hidden treasures including Mecca, Medina, the lost city of Al'Ula and archaeological finds such as Madain Saleh. These are the most famous. In Saudi Arabia, behold the country's most sacred sites, including the Kaaba and the impressive Grand Mosque.

In the modern Riyadh and suburb of Al-Diriyah you will come across the most amazing palaces. Bet that the Arab culture and splendour will leave a deep impression? It is a unique country in all its aspects.


Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia and a mix of contemporary and classical influences. This fascinating city is the mecca for shoppers.


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