Slovakia is the perfect destination for those who like to explore new places but don't want to spend a fortune. An inexpensive destination with a rich variety of sights.

Medieval villages and colourful towns

Beautiful Bratislava is characterized by its 9th-century castle overlooking the old centre and by its river Danube which flows through the city. Visit Devín Castle, Bratislava Old Town and the Blue Church. In addition to an authentic city exploration, a visit to the Tatra National Park and Tatra Mountains comes highly recommended.

You will be stunned by the soothing character of nature. If you can't get enough of mountains, waterfalls and cliffs, make sure to pop in at Slovenský Raj National Park. And, don'tt ignore its many medieval villages.


From the Tatra Mountains to charming cities on the Danube, including Bratislava. Slovakia is a hit for every kind of traveller.


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