Sri Lanka

Purely exotic, that's what Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, stands for. Beautiful beaches, an ancient culture, jungle, elephants and more… Sri Lanka is a dream destination.

Sri Lanka, a divine destination with limitless possibilities

Sri Lanka, that is heaven on earth. From fabulous nature reserves to ancient temples and waterfalls, here you will be amazed. It is this combination of nature, culture and carefree travel that has made Sri Lanka immensely popular for years now.

You don't get much closer to paradise than in Sri Lanka. There is no shortage of religious sites here and a touch of mysticism is never far away. Moreover, Sri Lanka is quite compact, so you can see lots in a relatively short time.

Sri Lanka is also known as The Garden of Buddha. Well, we totally get why Buddha would chose Sri Lanka…”


Stately boulevards, expansive beaches and lots of flair: Colombo is a must visit in Sri Lanka for good reason.


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