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Thanks to Viewtrip, you can enjoy useful functions that immediately save you a lot of time and uncertainty: the latest updates of your flight schedule, the allowed baggage weight for each stretch of your flight schedule, which meals are provided,...

Print electronic ticket or e-Ticket

Click on the 'e-Ticket' icon at the top right. You can print it or export it to PDF. For safety's sake, we recommend that you always take a printout or printout of your e-Ticket with you when you travel. Also send a pdf to your email, that turned out to be super handy more than once.

Now select whether you want to see all e-Tickets at once or rather passenger per passenger.

Electronic ticket number

The electronic or e-Ticket number can be found by clicking the flight details open via the '+' sign on the right.

Baggage Allowance

The allowed baggage weight depends on the airline, the chosen fare and route. The standard information about this can be found by clicking on 'view details' under 'Special Services'.

'Carry On' luggage or 'cabin luggage' is the hand luggage that you can carry into the cabin yourself. The weight that you find under 'Baggage allowance' refers to the checked baggage or baggage that ends up in the bottom of the belly of the aircraft. The amount of free baggage you are entitled to depends on the airline, your ticket and the type of flight you book. Intercontinental rules often apply differently than when you operate a domestic flight. So check the permitted weight for all flight segments of your trip.


The provided seating or 'seat reservation' can be found under the flight details. Please note that the airline reserves the right to change these at any time without notifying the passenger. The aircraft seats are allocated at check-in according to a pre-established and internationally recognized aircraft weight-and-balance plan and a set of fixed rules that the check-in agents must adhere to.

Reservation code with the airline

To use the online check-in options via the airline's website, you need the unique reservation code that was assigned to your booking. This code is easily recognizable thanks to its standard form of 6 characters; a combination of letters and numbers.

Flight details

The departure and arrival times are always displayed in local time in Viewtrip. So you don't have to perform bill calculations to present yourself on time. However, these data can be adjusted regularly by the airline. In My Trip from Viewtrip you will always see the most recent flight data.

Travel time

The travel time, also called flight duration, can be read between the planned departure and arrival times.

Meals on board

Depending on the airline, route and the chosen fare, a meal may or may not be provided on board. What you will be presented with can be found in the Flight Info at the bottom left of this example.


Use the ical function to import the flight hours directly into your personal calendar. Downloading in ICS format is compatible with the vast majority of online diaries.

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