Peru XL

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Tour - 15 days

Discover Peru for just over 2 weeks and never cease wondering if the long list of awe-inspiring places ever comes ends down here. Welcome. You are in the land of 'the Andean condor', not only the largest bird in the world but also a majestic high-flyer that can travel up to 172 km with 1 single beat of his wings! Stuff Andean legends and myths are made up of. And you are privileged to stand by and watch!

Believe us it is not the only one that will capture your imagination. The almost otherworldly splendor of sites such as Machu Picchu, the mysterious geometry of the Nazca Lines, the mighty and highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, and the magical Sacred Valley of the Incas. Admit it, this is a journey packed with highlights from start to finish. To acclimatize in Lima and enjoy the city of Cusco and its surroundings to the fullest, you will stay here for several nights. Bottom line: this journey is gone to leave you breathless in more than one way!

Strong points:
  • Magical Machu Picchu and the mysterious Nazca Lines

  • A rich colonial past reflected in the architecture and city atmosphere

  • In terms of nature and culture the unequaled treasury of South America!

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Day 1 & 2


Welcome at Lima airport and transfer to the hotel.Tomorrow you have a ful lday to explore the city of Lima. Capital city located in the heart of the narrow coastal strip separating the Pacific Ocean from the Andes. Lima derives its name from a fruit evoking the soul of a woman. The city has been nicknamed "Pearl of the Pacific" thanks to its romantic charm inspired by a rich past and its contemporary witnesses foun din the presence of old churches, magnificent squares and quaint houses.

Day 3 & 4

Lima - Nazca

Day 5 & 7

Nazca - Arequipa

Day 8

Arequipa - Puno

Day 9

Puno - Uros Islands - Amantani Island

Day 10

Puno - Taquile Island

Day 11 & 13

Puno - Cuzco

Day 14

Machu Picchu

Day 15


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