Discover the Isle of Bourbon

Discover the Isle of Bourbon

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Tour - 8 days

La Réunion is actually a beautiful and very compact collection of awe-inspiring sites with a little of everything Mother Nature as to offer: jungle, 3 large circuses, lagoons, an active volcano, fairy-tale-like waterfalls, cozy mountain villages and a large number of amazing viewpoints.

This selfdrive is ideal for those who love maximum flexibility. You can choose from 10 accommodations and can compose your own day-to-day itinerary. A week during which you travel the circuses, the volcanoes, the beaches of this island to fully enjoy the immaculate nature of La Réunion.

Strong points:
  • Plan your itinerary and your accommodation yourself

  • Your rental car is included

  • Why not extend your stay with a beach holiday?

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Day 1

Saint-Denis - Hellbourg

Arrival at Saint-Denis airport, welcome and pick-up of the rental car. For those who feel like it, the city tour comes absolutely recommended: strolling through St-Denis is like reliving the past. This tropical city is still steeped in colonial influences and accents. From the '' Rue de Paris '' and its beautiful Creole houses with iron-wrought balconies and porches decorated with white lambskins you reach le Grand Marché which easily withstands all comparison with an exotic souk: souvenirs, embroidered table cloths, wooden games ... You get the picture. And as you soar to your endpoint, the Barachois coastal road, it is nice to stop at the "Vanilleraie" in Ste Suzanne (not included) where the Bourbon vanilla is still grown in a traditional way and at the largest Tamil temple on the island, the Kolosse temple in St-André. Next, Nature comes knocking at your door near the cirque Salazie. This is the most accessible, the largest and greenest part of the island; a constantly 'watered' agricultural area where sugar cane, banana, bamboo, vegetables ... flourish. The climb to Salazie takes you along a scenic path along the rivière du Mât and smuggles you into a giant garden of greenery and waterfalls including 'The Bridal Veil'.

Day 2

Hellbourg - Plaine des Cafres

Day 3

Plaine des Cafres - Sud Sauvage

Day 4 & 5


Day 6

Cilaos - Saint Gilles les Bains

Day 7 & 8

Saint Gilles les Bains

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