C'est magnifique!

Or "Africa is magnificent". This large continent gets under your skin from the first moment you set foot in this different and fascinating world. Diverse countries, overwhelming nature and a vibe that you will not experience anywhere else. Welcome to Africa!

Africa: Perform a lot with very little.

Spotting wildlife, encounter mountain gorillas or head out with a local tribe to witness an unforgettable sunset. Africa cannot be captured under one flag. The countries is as diversified and unique as its inhabitants. Soak up the couleure locale, dance to the djembe beat and/or go on an fascinating safari game drive. And what to say about South Africa, possibly the most beautiful country on earth, where a good glass of wine is never far away.

The enormous variety of regions, areas and ecosystems turn Africa into a great travel destination. Uganda, Namibia or rather Senegal or Gambia? There is no shortage of fun destinations and there is plenty to discover.

Jungle, deserts, paradisiacal and sun-drenched beaches and islands where it is wonderful to unwind? Check. Vibrant cities with loads of character and atmosphere? Check. Discover and understand Africa in one go? Forget it. What we do guarantee is that once you've set foot here, this continent will stick to you like glue. That's is a fact.

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“Africa is different. The atmosphere, the people, the colours,… That's exactly why I lost my heart there.”

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