Fly for just a few hours and find yourself in another world. A place where you wallow in oriental magic, where landscapes sink in and royal cities astound you.

MOROCCO, Royal ravel squared. A fairy tale of a thousand and one nights.

The captivating capital Rabat, the white city of Casablanca or the ever bustling Marrakech? These are just 3 reasons to fly to Morocco. There's also the untamed Atlas Mountains and the sun-kissed Tétouan beach. Morocco has something for all.

Traveling through Morocco guarantees unique cities with authentic city centres like Fès and Casablanca where you travel back in time and cultural gems abound.

Be enchanted by the intoxicating charm of Marrakech

Are you looking for a few days in a completely different world but don't want to fly too long? Then book our Marrakech breaks! After just a three-hour flight from Brussels, you'll find yourself in the fairytale red city. Here, old and new flow together like a successful mix.

Popular destinations in Morocco

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