Tunisia is known as the ideal destination for a beach holiday and justly so.

Lazying the days away in stunning resorts.

TunisiaFor many, Tunisia is the ideal holiday destination focussed on sun, sea and sand. Thanks to the captivating resorts in Djerba, Hammamet, Sousse and Monastir, it is tempting to spend the whole day lying by the pool or enjoying the all-in buffets.

Nevertheless, it is good to get out of your hotel and discover a number of amazing sites. The pink coloured salt lake Chott-el-Jerid is without any doubt one of the highlights. This is the largest salt lake in Africa located about 10 to 25 meters below sea level. Drive here by car as most of it has dried up!


Tunisia, the Arab country on the Mediterranean Sea, is known by many as a holiday paradise with infinite beaches. In the capital Tunis, Arab and Western culture blend.


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