Camel ride through the Sahara? Want to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Visiting mosques and palaces? It's all possible in Algeria! And, there is still a myriad of sights to discover. Ready for a new adventure ?

From bright blue waters to barren deserts

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and plays an important role in the oil and natural gas industry worldwide. The Republic of Algeria is dotted with beautiful Ottoman palaces, colonial quarters, mosques and fortresses dating back to a wealthy past. Meet the monkeys at Cap Carbon in Béjaïa and book a camel ride through the Sahara.

Visit the Medina Kasba in Algiers or enjoy the beautiful coast where the Mediterranean Sea stands out beautifully against the green hills of the interior. High cliffs and bright blue water in Annaba or endless dry plains at Atakor? Port city of Oran or magical Constantine? You choose!


In the capital of Algeria you will come across the most stunning Ottoman palaces and religious monuments. Algiers is an unexplored gem on the Mediterranean Sea.


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