Nigeria sometimes has a less good reputation with travellers, undeservedly so. It is a surprising country with an enormous variety of cultures. Did you know you can also spot the Big Five on a game safari here?

Melting pot of religions

The at times hectic Nigeria is a melting pot of languages and religions, but don't worry, English will take you a long way. This colourful oil country in West Africa has two important economic cities, namely the port city of Lagos and the capital Abuja.

The cities in Nigeria are frantic and chaotic, so for a relaxing holiday it is better to head to the beaches or mountains. The Gurara Falls, Osun-Oshogbo, Yankari National Park, Olumo Rock and Ushafa are just a few examples of quieter places you may want to see.


At first sight, Lagos is a very chaotic city, but if you look beyond the hustle and bustle, you will discover the true face of the city. The cheerful Nigerian population, the colourful streets and the oases of peace just outside the city centre.


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