Get off the beaten track in Guinea and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. From traditional African villages to the impressive jungle.

Journey from on evillage to the next and meet chimps in the wild.

Guinea is one of the least visited countries in the world. This unspoilt West African country is therefore ideal for the adventurous traveller who loves unchartered natural areas and secluded accommodation. Don't expect great public transport to get around here, but set out with a guide who will show you the most beautiful places.

Only the capital Conakry is a lively city with various hotels and restaurants. But don't get stuck there, because a wonderful experience awaits you in Haut Niger National Park where you can meet chimpansees, for instance, or in Fauta Djallon where you travel through pristine natural settings from one village to the next.


The people of Guinea tend to live in small villages in sharp contrast with its capital Conakry, a bustling city with a wide range of hotels. Fancy adventure and a challenge? Guinea in Africa is the place to be!


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