Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is not the most obvious destination, but it is, to say the least, an exceptional destination with a rich past. Culture and nature alternate on a fascinating journey through the rich, turbulent history of the country.

A rich history and enchanting nature

This neighbour of Croatia and Serbia was once together with them part of Yugoslavia. Today it has become an independent modern federation. A diverse country where historical influences from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia can be found.

Must-sees are the capital Sarajevo, the impressive Kravica waterfall and Stari Most, a monumental bridge dating back to 1566 in Mostar. The enchanting waters of the river Una create an idyllic image of Bosnia & Herzegovina so it is easy to imagine yourself as part of a fairytale. It is not the most obvious destination, but that makes it all the more interesting..


Sarajevo, once part of Yugoslavia, is the city which is traditionally regarded as the catalyst for World War I. Today, this capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina has blossomed into a historical and cultural gem.


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