Montreal is a fantastic city with over 300 parks awaiting you. One of Quebec's largest and oldest cities.

Montreal is a metropolis with a French twist and North American allure

Venture to Mount Royal Park and admire the city views. Enjoy the churches, the metro whose stations are real works of art and Underground City. This schizophrenic city feels European with a mix of French and Anglophones. The uniform language is that of jazz.

Here you will find old and new and a colourful mixture of English and French culture. Of course, a peek in the the Notre-Dame basilica should not be missed.

"Montreal is a colourful mix of French and English. The city has a wonderfully European feel, so you'll quickly feel at home here."

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A Montreal city break, that's a good portion of joie de vivre and Parisian flair across the Big Blue. Quebec's largest city at the foot of Mont Royal instantly charms and lends itself to a fabulous discovery. The city has a European vibe and Vieux-Montréal, the old town, is a celebration of historic buildings. You won't find them anywhere else in North America. They date back to the time of the settlers.

Ranks as 6th best city to live in worldwide

Montreal is cosmopolitan, open-minded and a sightseeing paradise. Dive into the underground city for shopping, admire the Basilique Notre-Dame or go on an ecological tour in the Biodome. Montreal’s mix of cultures is also reflected in its local cuisine. The official language here is Canadian French, by the way, but there is also an English part.

Colourful houses, cast iron stairs: this city has style and the old town is a gem. Stroll along the Boulevard Saint Denis or cruise the mighty Saint Laurent. The largest number of religious structures ? You will find them here!

A City Break to Charming Montreal

A city break in Montreal? That's travelling in style to one of the most underrated destinations in the world. Montreal guarantees vibrancy and cosiness. It has a good portion of culture and with over 300 parks, nature claims its space and presence. Book that trip to Montreal and surrender to the joie de vivre of this city.

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