Ecuador may be rather small, it is in no way inferior to its larger neighbouring countries. Here you journey along the equator from mystical rainforests and the Andes Mountains to dazzling coastal towns on the Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador, travelling along the equator feels unparalleled

The highlights of Ecuador? Do you have a minute? From the cloud forests in Mindo, with its colourful butterflies, birds and waterfalls to an Indian market in Otavalo, this country charms and fascinates. The Amazon region should of course not be missed, nor should soaking up culture in the capital Quito. Ecuador may be quite small, you get a lot of South America here!

If possible, combine Ecuador with the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands.

“Het Amazonegebied heeft een bijzondere bijklank en hier beleef je het vanop de eerste rij.”

Popular destinations in Ecuador

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