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Finland is known on the one hand for its beautiful winter scenes in Lapland and on the other for its exuberant midsummer parties. Which experience are you going for?

Once-of-a-lifetime experiences galore!

Finland is so versatile that both avid winter sports enthusiasts and active city dwellers will find something to their liking. For an active summer holiday, take the Archipelago Trail along the largest collectionsof islands in the world, enjoy a city trip or citybreakin the capital Helsinki or dance to Finnish music at the midsummer parties.

Finnish Lapland is the dream destination for every winter lover. Spend the night in a glass igloo watching the starry sky or the northern lights. Participate in a dog sled ride, ski or cross-country skiing during the day and warm up in the evening in the Finnish sauna.


Helsinki and hip both start with an H and let that be no coincidence. The capital of Finland is a creative hub with a relaxed atmosphere that exudes a major influence on the rest of the world.


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