Have you ever visited Georgia? This unique country is characterized by remote mountain villages with grand monasteries surrounded by impressive nature. The capital Tbilisi proves Georgia is up-to-dat with modern life.

Impressive mountainscapes and remote villages

Georgia is a phenomenal country in terms of nature experiences. Think of exploring impressive mountain landscapes, including the Caucasus, and visiting remote villages. The ultimate destination for hikers. But there's more. Capital Tbilisi is a youthful city that screams creativity and has a strikingly clear division between Old Town and contemporary influences.

Batumi is the gambling paradise on the Black Sea. Here you will find yourself in the glamorous part of the country brimming with casinos, modern architectural gems and a mix of cultures. Georgia also shows that it is a progressive country. Contrary to what many think.


Tbilisi in Georgia is stunningly located in the shadows of the Caucasus Mountains. A destination that is often overlooked, but worth exploring.


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