An adventurous trip along volcanoes and Mayan temples in Guatemala. This mysterious country offers a unique travel experience.

Age-old temples and ruins

A tour in Guatemala means adventure guaranteed! You drive and hike along active volcanoes and plunge into the history of these intriguing peoples. You meet descendants of the Maya's who live in a very basics yet authentic way along Lake Atitlán. The impressive temples of Tikal and Yaxha must feature on your travel list.

And, please add Semuc Champey nature reserve to your itinerary. The turquoise waters cascading in this nature reserve create an oasis of tranquillity. During your journey you are bound to be dazzled by the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the country.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City may not the most beautiful city of gorgeous Guatemala, it has more in store for the adventure seeker than just an airport. The old centre boasts with street art and the Plaza de la Constitution is a great spot for people watching.


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