Japan, that's contradictions and surprises. The modernity of sweltering Tokyo with all its idiosyncrasies as well as the tranquillity at over 7,000 islands in the Pacific.

Ready to get big in Japan? More than worth it!

Japan is made up of contemporary metropolises where ancient shrines are never far away. Tradition and modern technology merge into a perfect mix. Take Tokyo, where you are thrown back in time only to be blown away by its skyscrapers or the trendy Harajuku district. Bustle, chaos and energy in the superlative.

Obviously Japan is not defined by its capital. Kyoto and its Golden Temple, the Ryoan Temple, a cozy entertainment district where you spot geishas. and even in terms of nature settings Japan will satisfy your eagerness for more."

“Japan is full of contrasts. Hardly anywhere else do tradition and modern technology merge so meticulously.”

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