Middle East

Middle East
Pure luxury and ultimate authenticity combined

Yes, there may be a lot of tinsel in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at least at first sight. Yet, once you dig deeper, you are bound to discover many places and countries brimming with authenticity and magical places, straight out of ancient fairy tales.

A patchwork of inspiring impressions

Ancient cities with a rich history, mighty deserts that make you feel incredibly humble and sparkling cities where you get lost in souks, your nostrils filled with scents of herbs and spices. Jordan, Qatar, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are just a few gems that fit this description and await to be discovered.

Count on a lot of snorkelling and diving fun, architectural masterpieces, shades, hues and scents you may not find here as well as gigantic and numerous mosques. From lively markets and villages where time has stood still to areas where luxury predominates and not even the sky is the limit. The world spins in different gears here, but that's what makes it so exciting.

The true Middle East may still be unexplored territory for many people, but it will not stay so for long. The sportsman, the adventurer, the luxury horseman and the sunbathers will find plenty of attractive and luring destinations here. Places that all exceed expectations by far.

At Connections we have a very wide variety of breaks to the Middle East and you can always find the cheapest air fares to this unique region.

“Jordan is the ultimate for culture buffs. Time and again I am impressed by its splendour.”

Popular destinations in the Middle East

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