Admired around the world for its incredible Himalayan Mountains and Mount Everest. Nepal is the Mecca for experienced mountaineers. A challenging adventure awaits you here.

Take on the challenge of a lifetime

With Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, Nepal has the most popular tourist attraction ever. Climbing its 8848 meter, that is 29,032 feet high mountain slopes is reserved for ultra-experienced mountaineers, but that doesn't stop many a tourist from taking a look for themselves.

This friendly and picturesque country also attracts culture buffs. The capital Kathmandu is surrounded by temples, stupas, squares, markets and gardens decorated with garlands of colourful flags.


Adventurers and mountaineers will definitely have Kathmandu written on their bucket list. From this city in Nepal thousands of travellers start their climb of Mount Everest every year.


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