Clogs, Gouda cheese and windmills? yes, that is Holland. But the Netherlands are also art and culture, nature and hospitality.

The pearl of the Lowlands

You don't always have to look far. Explore the Netherlands across the Belgian border and immerse yourself in Dutch culture. Our northern neighbours are not only very hospitable, the country has a myriad of gems. Discover one of the more than 680 museums, the colourful tulip fields near Amsterdam, the windmills of Kinderdijk and numerous national parks.

In addition, various cities such as Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht are perfectly cut for a successful city break or weekend getaway. Bet that this close-by destination will positively surprise you?


Sometimes you don't have to look far for an exciting city trip. Amsterdam is fabulous. Captivating canals, fascinating museums and there is always something on. The ideal weekend getaway.


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