A tropical country where you can simply speak Dutch, enjoy the jungle, the sunny weather and meet indigenous peoples? That is Suriname.

Plantations, waterfalls and the Amazon forest

Suriname brings a touch of the Netherlands to the tropics. This former Dutch colony is a melting pot of cultures. Of course you can still see many Dutch influences in the capital Paramaribo and the Commewijne District, including New Amsterdam, the plantations and sugar factory.

Yet, the largest part of the country consists of tropical rainforest. Deep in the Amazon forest lies Brownsberg, a nature reserve with waterfalls and a view of the huge Brokopondo Lake. In the rainforest you can also meet the Maroons, an African community that fled slave labour on the plantations at the time.


Paramaribo is a witness to its Dutch colonial past and a melting pot of cultures. A perfect spot to experience a piece of the Netherlands in the tropics.


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