With the highest waterfall in the world, Venezuela is one of the most stunning destinations to enjoy lush nature scenes, to say the least. But the Caribbean coast and the Andes mountain range also turn this country into a spot of extreme beauty.

National parks that leave a deep impression

Don't stay too long in the capital Caracas, and make sure to visit cities such as Mérida or Maracaibo. And above all, go out into nature. Beach lovers will enjoy the clear blue water and pearly white beaches along the Caribbean coast or on one of the Caribbean islands.

Mountaineers and nature lovers will find treasures to explore all over the country, from the Andes Mountains to Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, which at 979 meters is the highest waterfall in the world. The diverse landscape makes this unique country a land of extremes. The beauty of Venezuela will really blow your mind.


The capital of Venezuela is not exactly the safest city in the world, but it is one that climbs under your skin forever. Discover the assets of Caracas.


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