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Thanks to Viewtrip you enjoy convenient post-booking features that will save out on a lot of time and effort such as the latest updates of your flight schedule, the baggage allowance for each stretch of your trip, in-flight meals services,...

Check you flight details proactively wherever and whenever in order to sit back and relax a smooth and rewardingly relaxing journey! Please click on the info you wish to learn about...

Please note: The reservation code can be found on your confirmation email, purchase order or invoice. This app does not include flights on Brussels Airlines, low-cost carriers or charter airlines such as Air Asia and Air Asia X, Air Arabia Maroc, Corendon, EasyJet, Germanwings, Ryanair, Tigerair, Transavia and / or Wizzair. Please read your order form or invoice carefully particularly the specific information regarding check-in, seat selection and baggage allowance..

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