Delicious food, rice terraces that are a feast for the eyes, jungle and beaches. Asia never gets boring.

Its a continent where tradition and hypermodernity go hand in hand

Asia, that is ancient culture, delicious street food and a load of amazing sights. It includes busy cities, modern neighborhoods and numerous festivals that you will love. From China to Japan or Uzbekistan, Asia is diverse and vast. Immerse yourself in the cities and Instagram-worthy tourist destinations of Vietnam, discover Indonesia or go on a lengthy tour across Japan. Time and again you come back with a backpack / suitcase full of happy impressions.

At Connections we have a lot of classic tours in store for you and if you prefer, we are happy to assist you to tailor them to your interests and taste.

“Nowhere can you eat as delicious as in Asia. All your senses go into overdrive, your taste buds first!”
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A roadtrip in Japan? That is pure authenticity mixed with a big dose of innovation and renewal. A mishmash of influences that will amaze and surprise even the most demanding traveler.



Whenever Thailand is mentioned, flashes of richly adorned temples, lush nature scenes, delicious food stalls and restaurants and paradisiacal beaches appear in our minds. We would like to add to that list: vibrant nightlife scenes, endless shopping opportunities, blissful massages, stunning luxury hotels and resorts, trips on the back of an elephant, the list is endless. But apart from these clichés, Thailand is a country where you feel truly welcome and that is something 'the Land of Smiles' is proud of and enhances day by day.



Located in Sud East Asia, along the equator, the largest archipelago in the world, made up of over 17,000 islands, awaits you. Welcome to Indonesia! Here you will literally be thrilled by its majestic volcanoes and eye-soothing green rice fields, its towering temples and age-old, ancestral rituals, its warm hospitality and the rhythm of the gamelan. Add to that the extensive charm of its pearly white beaches and coral seas and your mental postcard is picture-perfect.


Sri Lanka

Pristine beaches, ancient royal cities and exhilarating adventure...Sri Lanka is bound to charm you. Bathing in the Indian Ocean, south of India, the exotic island of Sri Lanka offers you pure and a magnificent coastline, age-old cultural heritage, stunning mountain scenery and jungle. There are elephant and sea turtle nurseries, even tigers who roam the national parks. The local cuisine is delicious and the population smiling and hospitable. Sri Lanka; a dream destination within reach!



"It's more fun in the Philippines." These words are without doubt the common thread through every travel story about the Philippines. And with reason, as you will soon find out for yourself! The country has over 7000 islands of which only 2000 are inhabited. In other words, an abundance of pearly white beaches with clear blue water, beautiful hotels or resorts and impressive bays. And, the most amazing thing? The country authenticity!



Cambodia's has a rich, scary, particular and fascinating history which has produced unique sites. The temple complex of Angkor Wat stands as a proud witness to the glory of its past and has been labeled one of Asia's finest work of architecture and craftmanship. It will not come as a surprise to see it depicted on the country's flag. The capital Phnom Penh has bright and lively district which are a joy to visit and browse. However the country's dark past during the Khmer regime has also left its mark. The Tuol Sleng genocide museum in the capital city Phnom Peng bear chronicles the Cambodian genocide. Want to find out more about this captivating country



Caution: India may steal your heart! Subtle or head-over-heels, this fascinating country does not serve you one kind, but a multitude of experiences. The colourful mishmash of influences, the immense buzzing crowds of Delhi, the historical treasures of Jaipur and Agra and the ever-present smiles and head shakes of its local population are bound to stun you. Taste the spicy cuisine, indulge in its hospitality and stand in awe in front of the Taj Mahal. Honestly, there are as many impressions of this country as travellers who travel there but one thing stands out: India is said to have changed them. No wonder, probably nowhere else in the world can you experience diversity as you do on this sub-continent.



Vietnam conjures up images of conical-hatted street vendors, water buffalo plodding across rice paddies, mopeds frantically buzzing through cities and floating markets on the Mekong River. From the temples of Hanoi and the islands in Halong Bay to the beaches of Nha Trang and the palaces of Hue, Vietnam is a country firmly etched in the travel psyche. Street life has an intoxicating energy here and can launch an assault on the senses. From chattering bia hoi’s and back-alleys with steaming pho’s to the ancient pagodas and colonial houses that jostle for space with newly build skyscrapers: nature lovers, history buffs, beach bums and foodies, all are catered for.



Laos is by far one of the least known countries of Indochina. It does not have the cultural assets of neighbouring Vietnam and no fascinating structures like the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. But the natural settings are stunning and its little villages authentic. Besides Laotians, there are 68 diverse and colourful mountain peoples and ethnic groups. Luang Prabang prides itself on being on the UNESCO World Heritage List and Vientiane, as a capital, is amongst the most laid back capitals in the world. It hardly compares to any other. Both Luang Prabang and Vientiane are located on the banks of the majestic Mekong River and so their romantic setting booms. What could be more delightful than watch the sun set over a rolling river with a drink at hand?


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