Latin America

Fancy that lovely Latin vibe? A trip across Latin America is a tour brimming with new discoveries and a lot of joie de vivre. Colourful and diverse.

A wonderful journey of discovery filled with surprises and colour

A wonderful journey of discovery filled with surprises and colour

Latin America is big, diverse and radiant. From its mighty Amazon forest to its cultural gems and past glory. If you surrender to the Latin vibe, you feel your stress dissolve and you automatically shift to a lower gear. Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, … They are all different, but the common denominator is unmistakable. A beautiful piece of the globe that asks for a journey of discovery.

At Connections we have a lot of classic tours in store for you and if you prefer, we are happy to assist you to tailor them to your interests and taste.

“Latin America summarised in one word? Not possible, but its typical vibe and slower pace are unmistakable.”


Argentina is one of the jewels in the Latin America crown. A vast country stretching 3500 km from Bolivia in the North to Ushaia in the South. It's a place that offers some of the most magic natural wonders anywhere on earth. It has a world class tourist infrastructure with a fine cuisine and it is safe! But it is not just that that makes a trip to Argentina feels so special.

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Brazil is so large that it takes up almost half of the South American continent. It excels with a considerable arsenal of natural resources.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is held up as the shining example of eco-tourism and justifiedly so; it is even rumoured they invented it! A true paradise of 'pura vida', as the Ticos say. Paradise on earth? Possibly. There are many beautiful places on the globe how would like to claim that title, so let's just say: Costa Rica comes very close. Tropical forests populated by colorful and fascinating animals, dormant volcanoes and an ultra-friendly local population, it will soon be apparent that travelling Costa Rica is a real pleasure. Have you heard of endless beaches and amazing food? Or maybe you're the active type and you focus on adventure? Costa Rica will gladly surprise you. Its pristine national parks and protected areas and the xperiences they offer will take your breath away. Add to that the hospitable inhabitants and the relaxed rhythm and soon you will agree with us: Costa Rica is a paradise on earth where "pura vida" is much more than a concept. Enjoy!



Colombia: a dream destination? Absolutely! In Colombia you can find almost everything. Snowy peaks, deserts, bustling metropolises, small mountain villages, beautiful sandy beaches and jungles. Colombia has dozens of different faces as you focus on culture, nature or adventure. Sun worshippers and adventurous souls blend in with the welcoming colourful population. But we gladly admit it: nature is the biggest magnet of this beautiful country. Want to learn about the many special sights of Colombia. Chack out our tour(s). Personally, that's a 'Yes please!'.



The fact Mexico has a rich and fascinating past could not possibly come as a surprise to anyone. All of us have at one time or another seen or heard something about its ancient cultural treasures and phenomenal sites with a Among the most impressive ones undoubtedly Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ixmal and Palenque. They are one by one capital highlights! And then there is the hospitality, the colourful costumes, ponchos and sombreros, the lusty carnival, the delicious Mexican cuisine with tasteful tacos, nachos and tequila. You get the picture: a holiday in Mexico offers a whole palette of experiences that are not to be scorned. Indeed, Mexico is muy caliente. So gringo and gringa, what is keeping you?



Welcome to one of the largest countries in South America: Peru! This exhilaratingly beautiful land spoiled by Mother nature and bathing in culture invites you to come and soak up the feel of the fascinating Incan civilisation which reached its heyday between the year 1438AD and 1492AD, stretched as far as 4,800 km and covered an estimated population of 10 million people. We can only recommend one thing with all our might: fly there and enjoy the beautiful nature, discover the fascinating history, visit the vibrant cities and meet the friendly locals. Peru is mighty, mythical, majestic and magical... What else could you possibly expect? Enjoy!


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