Forever West XL

Forever West XL

from 1627

Tour - 20 days

Do you fancy the Forever West road trip but you want to take it slow? Does the idea of traveling through the Glacier NP light up your imagination? The Forever West XL may just be up your alley! This 20-day program is our most comprehensive tour of central USA.

Strong points:
  • 7 national parks

  • The most stunning spots in the US Rockies

  • The most comprehensive road trip in central USA

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Day 1

Salt Lake City

Your road trip starts in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah and seat of the Mormon church. With over 16 million members worldwide, this religious movement is omnipresent in both the state and the capital, where most streets are named after their location in relation to the Mormon temple on Temple Square. The city is scenically surrounded by mountains. And why not head to the Salt Flats, a vast salt plain where all kinds of vehicles try to break set speed records every year on the famous Bonneville Speedway.

Day 2 & 3

Salt Lake City - Moab

Day 3


Day 4

Moab- Vali

Day 5

Vali - Cheyenne

Day 6

Cheyenne - Badlands

Day 7 & 8

Badlands - Rapid City

Day 9

Rapid City - Devil's Tower

Day 10

Devil's Tower - Billings

Day 11

Billings - Great Falls

Day 12 & 13

Glacier National Park

Day 14

Glacier National Park - Bozeman

Day 15 & 16

Bozeman - Yellowstone

Day 17 & 18

Yellowstone - Jackson

Day 19 & 20

Salt Lake City

What's included?

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