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Our intense citytrips

At times the only positive thing to do is to take a break. Explore an exciting city, for instance! Soak up some culture, enjoy a shaded terrace on a sunny piazza, taste the local gastronomy or stroll through the most beautiful neighbourhoods. We selected a number of top cities for you and have put together intense city breaks for you to maximize your experience abroad. Flights, hotel accommodation and fun activities, neatly packed into 1 and easy to book. From New York to Barcelona, from Bangkok to Porto!


A weekend getaway a two-hour flight from Brussels? Let yourself be seduced by the charm of our European cities!

North America

Why not cross the big blue for an intense city break in New York or another bustling metropolis?


Go crazy and dive into the vibrant life style of an Asian metropolis. Bet you'll return reborn!

Middle East

A break in the Emirates or Israel will not leave you unstirred. Combine modern luxury and historical heritage!

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