A fascinating melting pot of impressions

Asia is bound to stun you. Bright green rice terraces, paradisiacal beaches and frantic cities like ant's hills, where every square centimetre is used. A different world with a distinct culture and diverse cuisine that will shift your taste buds into overdrive.

A treasure box of experience for all travellers

China as one of the oldest cultures in the world, the paradise of Bali, the charming-beyond-your-wits Thailand and innovative and trending Japan which often plays a leading role. Asia has it all. Asia fascinates, inspires and charms time and again. From bustling cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo and Shanghai to remote places where you are one with nature or even mind-boggling temples that open a gateway to more intense life experiences.

The ever-present and hospitable population of this fantastic continent will steal your heart for sure mor, often than not in a relaxed way. In the world's largest continent each type of traveller is bound to find his or her thing. From the adrenaline junkie who crashes a zipline over the jungle to the sunbather who settles on paradisiacal beaches in the Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia.

Any generalisation about Asia would per definition leave you wanting as each country has its strengths and characteristics. From spotting pandas in China to climbing a volcano in Indonesia or exploring all four corners of India. Even after numerous trips to Asia, the continent will only have lifted a small part of its veil.

At Connections we take you on a journey of how to experience this great continent by use of our tours and cheap airfares.

"Asia? I've been there for over 10 times now and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Time and again I discover something new.”

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