Brazil is the stuff dreams are made of. Move to the rhythm of the samba, discover buzzing cities, enjoy the rainforest and relax on exotic beaches. Brazil is a feast for the senses.

Brazil, natural beauty to the rhythm of Copacabana

From Copacabana to the Pantanal and the Iguaçu Falls, pure delights for sore eyes. The Brazilians are exuberant and summer temperatures add temperament. Travelling in the South America's largest country is exciting. A trip through Brazil always guarantees a perfect mix between nature and culture.

Start in Rio de Janeiro. Admire the impressive statue of Christ the Redeemer, stroll along the mile-long beaches and surrender to rhythms and flow.

“Brazil gets under your skin and into your veins. The Brazilians are a proud people and rightly so".

Popular destinations in Brazil

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