Latin America

Latin America

Latin America is all about joie de vivre (joy of life) and preferably the colourful kind. Get ready to lose your heart over its warm-hearted people and the unseen experiences this continent offers. Surrender to the vibe and let Latin America conquer every fibre of your soul.

The Latino vibe lingers forever

If you have time, it is certainly worth exploring a large part of Latin America. From the dense rainforests to the desolate mountain landscapes of Patagonia and so much more. It is a place any adventurer will soon call home though needless to say historic gems and sun-drenched beaches abound as well, and bring a relaxed and culture touch.

Soak up the Mayan culture in Mexico, travel across lesser-known Honduras and don't miss out on Costa Rica: it will be hard to find any country matching its lush nature scenes. Cuba? Definitely a must visit as it has a magnificently well-preserved colonial architecture and great vibe. From the Amazon forest over Havana to Brazil, Argentina and its neighbouring countries. You can travel years and years without ever experiencing the same thing twice.

Connections calls Latin America home as well. And it will be a privilege to work out a tailor-made trip suited to your wishes. From tango dancing in Argentina to carnival in Rio, you name it. Discover Latin America with Connections and/or book your cheap plane ticket to this swinging continent.

“I can tick off Cuba, Argentina and Costa Rica, but I still have to visit the other fascinating countries of Latin America!”

Popular countries in Latin America

Popular destinations in Latin America

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