Mali may be largely desert, but it is a colourful and intriguing country. Take djembe lessons, visit a typical music festival or go on a camel ride in this mysterious land.

Dusty desert but colourful culture.

Mali is largely made up of Sahara desert. Most cities are therefore dusty. But don't let that stop you from visiting this mysterious land. The colourful culture and various music festivals give the country an unique and unparralled timbre.

In Timbuktu, unfortunately, plenty of heritage succumbed to the effects of war and conflicts, but it remains a fascinating place.At least as fascinating is Djenné and the valley of the Dogon, both of which are World Heritage Sites. Party'ers should go to Ségou on the River Niger where several music festivals take place every year.


Enjoy national parks, frisky waterfalls and thriving local markets in Bamako, capital of African Mali.


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