Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Lush rainforests contrast sharply with the white sands and clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in Puerto Rico. Discover for yourself what this magnificent country has in store!

Rainforests and beaches in a colourful country

Puerto Rico is part of the Greater Antilles and has been influenced by Spanish, Caribbean and American culture. That will be strikingly apparent as soon as you set foot in the capital San Juan. The country has a tropical climate with regular rainfall which expresses itself in lush greenery.

Rainforests and beaches alternate and offer the best of both worlds for the adventurous as well as beachloving travellers. And, its captivating colourful stamina will enchant many a traveller in no time. Need to hear more?

San Juan

A fishing village that has developed into a holiday resort where surfers and nature buffs can completely relax. San Juan is a must for anyone who wants to come to their senses.


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