Romania may be the quiet, unchartered little brother of Bulgaria, the country in no way inferior though. With beautiful mountain ranges and masses of cultural heritage, it is an undiscovered gem in Europe.

The land of castles and legend Dracula

Romania's port of entry is its capital Bucharest, where you can visit art galleries, parks and museums during a city walk or day tour. Our tip is : don't stop there. Go on an adventure through this surprising country.

Take a road trip through Transylvania, known for the legend of Dracula, or stay in Brașov and visit two beautiful castles called Peleș and Bran. There is no shortage of cultural heritage in Romania. And while you are at it why not hike the beautiful Retezat Mountains culminating in the Bucura Glacier Lake where pink rhododendron flowers stand in sharp contrast to the green landscape.


Step into the history of the Byzantine Empire and legends like Dracula. In Bucharest, Romania, you are in for a surprising blend of nature and culture.


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