South Korea

South Korea

One automatically associates South Korea with the modern metropolis of Seoul, but South Korea also includes imperial temples, a tantalizing cuisine, age-old traditions and an extraordinary cultural scene.

Technology and traditions in a cultural blend

South Korea is known worldwide for its thriving economy and modern, high-tech industry centred around and in the capital Seoul. Yet this country is has more in store than industry and technology. Explore the country and see the most beautiful temples and monuments.

The disciplined population is only too happy to teach you about their traditions and especially rich culture. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of K-Pop, visit UNESCO World Heritage in Gyeongju or the many Buddhist monasteries. South Korea is an interesting blend of Chinese and Japanese influences, yet with a character of its own.


Bustling Seoul will revive all your senses. This metropolis, which colourfully lights up beautifully at night, is a true sight for sore eyes.


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