Wild animals, tribes that welcome you with open arms and tantalizing colours and flavours that ancre themselves in your soul. Africa is different, and definitely worth exploring.

Africa, a continent where you learn to look at life differently

The annual migration of wild animals, a tribe that honours its traditions as if time has stood still or spotting mountain gorillas in a dense forest: Africa has it. Namibia, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya or another gem: time and again you fall from one surprise into the next. The cultures, scents and colours are diverse. What to discover first? Explore Africa, one country at a time and allow yourself to be charmed by its authenticity and pace of life. At times lots can be achieved with very little.

At Connections we have a lot of classic tours in store for you and if you prefer, we are happy to assist you to tailor them to your interests and taste.

“Africa is different, that will dawn on you instantly. None of the countries can be compared to another in any way. Fortunately, discovering them one by one is an absolute delight.”

South Africa

Lovingly known as ‘the rainbow nation’ for the multiplicity of landscapes and peoples, South Africa, the epic country at the tip of an epic continent, fondly embraces its diversity. Its abundant wildlife and extra-ordinary national parks, its diverse culinary scene and picture-perfect vineyards, its vibrant nightlife and sun-kissed daylight hours, its majestic mountain ranges and its conspicuous coastline… are probably unequally anywhere else in the world. The welcome you will receive here is so warm it will melt away any resistance your mind may reserve and leave your heart yearning to linger longer and explore more. So, be sure to plan for a long trip or at the least to plan to return again and again, because you’ll need a lifetime to experience the wonders of South Africa!



Who says Kenya, thinks game drives. From the black rhino of Ol Pejeta to the tree-climbing lions of Nakuru Nat'l Park, there's no shortage of wildlife in this East African country. The annual migration in the Masai Mara is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for sure.



Namibia is famous for its impressive fauna, vast interior desert and extreme natural phenomena. Proud of its moving high red sand dunes, its largest underground lake, its highest population of cheetah and legendary desert elephants and its second largest canyon in the world. Namibia has a large concentration of rock paintings and becomes wildflower paradise after the first winter rains. What is missing? ... You!



Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Habara gani, Mzuri sana, Wageni,... Welcome to Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa located slightly south of the Equator. Tanzania's origins go back to 1964 when it rose out of the union of two independent countries, Tanganika and Zanzibar. A country of champions, of superlatives, of ground-breaking conservation Tanzania is home to Africa's highest mountain (Mt. Kilimanjaro) and deepest lake (Lake Tanganyika) to the world wide wonder of the Serengeti plains and its animal migration, the vibrant Lake Manyara and the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, the largest intact caldera in the world.



Uganda is a relatively small African country in East Africa which has a lot of 'grand' stuff to offer. One does not just get the reputation of 'pearl of Africa', one has to earn it. And Uganda does that in style. Uganda is a land of superlatives: you will find the largest mountain ranges, including the Virunga Mountains that connect Uganda, Rwanda and RDC; Mount Elgon, the widest free-standing volcano in the world and the Rwenzori with its eternally snow-capped peaks. The country offers an overwhelming number of breath-taking landscapes and countless national parks!


La Réunion

From the air, Réunion is a small, green dot between Mauritius and Madagascar, but a dot of unequalled class. Life here is the best of two worlds: living like a god in France and experiencing the fun of a kid creole, hip throwing rhythms included. La Réunion’s interior is stunningly untouched and features on the UNESCO World Heritage list while all along the 207 km coastline the clear blue waters of its lagoons and reef-protected bays captivate the heart of all lookers-on. And not only nature is infinitely grandiose here.


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